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Western PA Furry Weekend begins TOMORROW!!

I know everyone is talking about RainFurrest or Furlaxicon, but I don't want anyone to forget that the Western PA Furry Weekend is also taking place this weekend in Pittsburgh, PA! So if you're looking for a fun and relaxing weekend and can't afford a full out con, let me suggest you join us at the WPAFW this year! www.wpafw.org

Activities start at 7pm Friday, September 28 at the Quality Inn Pittsburgh North with an Artist's Jam followed by Dances until 1am. There's also plenty of room to socialize, play games and bounce around in your fursuit.

If Friday night is out, then come by Fireman's Park in Aspinwall at Noon on Saturday, September 29, where the Event continues at it's outdoor venue. There we'll serve up lunch and dinner, offer games and activities and close up the night with our famed Charity Raffle.

Events spin up again at the Quality Inn Pittsburgh North Saturday night where the socialization continues and we rock the night with two more Dances!

We meet up again at the Quality Inn Pittsburgh North on Sunday at 11am to head to the Pittsburgh Zoo and Aquarium or the Carnegie Museum of Natural History (your choice) to continue the weekend's fellowship. The weekend ends with dinner at Five Guys Burgers & Fries at Pittsburgh Mills off Rt 28 north of Pittsburgh.

For more information and to see our complete schedule of events, please visit our website at www.wpafw.org!

The staff and I are looking forward to showing attendees a good time this weekend!

5 day-reminder fursuit op Wampum area Christmas parade

"Wampum, PA Christmas Parade"
Saturday, December 4, 2010
Parade step-off time 1pm. Arrive by 11:30am.
Wampum, PA School Gymnasium, across from
355 Main Street, Wampum, PA 16157

Costumers and handlers are needed to participate. The parade is a walk around 4 city blocks out and back. After there will be a children's time with Santa that we've been invited to hang around for and pose for pictures with the kids. They will provide snacks and drinks I think. The address for the Municipal Building is, 355 Main St Wampum, PA 16157. We get changed in the old locker room in the gymnasium across the street. Please contact me if you are planning to attend so I can give them an idea of how many to expect, or if you have any questions, you can email me at blueshepp(at)gmail.com or comment here or pm here :)

thanks Noob

(fursuit op) Wampum area parade

"Wampum, PA Christmas Parade"
Saturday, December 4, 2010
Parade step-off time 1pm. Arrive by 11:30am.
Wampum, PA School Gymnasium, across from
355 Main Street, Wampum, PA 16157

We have been invited back to the Wampum christmas parade again this year since we were a big hit last year, we will need costumers and handlers to participate.
we will meet at the old gymnasium across the street from the Municipal Building at 11:30 where we can change in to suit in the old locker room in the gym, after we get changed we will lineup at the ball field just a short walk from the gym, the route is around 4 city blocks long in ond out. Afterward we can hang out with the kids as they wait to see Santa and get some photos taken, I believe there will be drinks and snacks afterward. After all the festivities are over there is a restaurant that we can hit up for dinner.
If you can give me an email if you are planning to attend it would be appreciated so I can have a number to expect, also if you have any questions you can email me at blueshepp(at)gmail.com

thanks Noob
Swifty Love

[Fursuiting Gig] Aspinwall "Witch in the Wall" Scavenger Hunt! 10/28

What: "Witch in the Wall" Scavenger Hunt
Where: Municipal Building, Aspinwall, PA (Outside of Pittsburgh) 217 Commercial Ave. 15215
When: Thursday, October 28 @ 6:30pm

Local fursuiters have been participating in this children's scavenger hunt organized by the Aspinwall Civic Association for the last three years. We've been such a hit that they keep asking us to come back and participate again.

The event runs from 7pm to 8:30pm Thursday evening, weather permitting. Costumers are placed along a three block circuit to interact with children and their parents during the hunt for pieces of the puzzle. Some costumers may be selected to have a piece of the puzzle, others may not.

Work schedules have really put a dent in the core group which have been participating these last few years so we really need some new blood to come and help support this.

I've posted about this about three times now since September. If you're interested, reply here or PM me with any questions and concerns.

Thank you for your help!


The New Year's Furry Ball is back and more 2011 than ever before!

 The New Year's Furry Ball 2011!
Sponsored by The Furst State

They said it couldn't be done but once again, furries from all over the country are going to come together to ring in 2011 in the most reasonable way possible - awesome music, great food and plenty of drinks, too!

For those of you who are so quivering with joy that you can't read an entire page of text, here are the essential details:

Where: The Embassy Suites Newark-Wilmington/South, 854 S College Ave, Newark DE 19713

When: December 31st, 2010 at 8:00pm-1:30am with free AWESOME breakfast the following morning!

How Much: $36 ($35 plus one dollar service fee for the ticket) pre-registration, $40 at the door. If you're feeling extra-charitable, we have the option of buying a 'sponsor' ticket that costs $50. This confers no benefits except our undying love and gratification and the fuzzy warm feeling of knowing you helped make other people feel fuzzy and warm (thanks to all the extra booze and amenities.)

How Do I Pre-Register? Pre-registration is being handled through TicketDerby. To buy your pre-reg tickets, click here. The process is easy, but if you encounter any problems please contact me at protocollie@protocollie.com. We'll announce the date that pre-reg closes in a few days when we have details ironed out. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE pre-register if you can. We have to pay the hotel a sum of money that contains four digits in advance of the event and would really like to not have to front it out of pocket - you'll be doing us a great service if you do. Please bring at least an ID with you so we can match it up with registration, but to make things extra fast also bring your printed ticket.

What about a room?
We'll have a site soon for you to buy hotel rooms over the internet, but for the time being you can call the hotel at 1-302-368-8000 to book a room - just mention the New Year's Furry Ball. All the rooms in this hotel are suites, and have fold-out sofa beds. You can book either a room with two queen beds or one king, and both are available for the low price of $99.


More Details:

The New Year's Furry Ball is back and better than ever with a new venue (that has a waterfall, SERIOUSLY folks.) All the same fun that you've had in previous years will be in full effect but with the added benefit of never having to go outside in January! Everything's bigger - the event space, the rooms, the sound system and our registration link! Also, it'll be awesome! So hah. We'll have the usual entertainment provided - video games, live DJs, lights, fursuits and lots of fun. Your registration includes an awesome buffet dinner, there's a VERY reasonably priced bar (drinks are around $5) and if you arrive early, there will be a cocktail reception with FREE DRINKS (as is my understanding) through the magical medium of drink tickets! There's a pool on-site, as well as a fitness center so you can have an awesome good time and then work out (or go night swimming, woo!) We are going to once again try to plan excursions the following day to extend the event so get in touch if there's something you think would be cool to do!

Do you want to help?

We will need volunteers to help staff registration and other random errands, so get in touch with me at protocollie@protocollie.com if you want to help. Also, we will need DJs. If you want to demo, just toss an e-mail to that same e-mail address with a demo mix and we'll see if you fit in with the vibe of the party! Please, no experimental dub-polka, keep party music in mind. 80s is acceptable, dance is good, rock is wonderful, and if you play the hamster dance I will smack you over the head with a tire iron.

Also, if you would like to donate a console for the evening, please let us know. We'll have someone watching them, and people will be be happy because of it, so that's awesome, right? Okay. Cool. Also, if you have rock band, we would like at least one rock band setup, preferrably with lots of DLC.

If you missed it before,


And we'll look forward to partying with you like it's 2999!
KT: by Raraki

Boo at the Philly Zoo!

October furmeet!

"Getting ready for Halloween? Want to have a little fun before the holiday?

Join the Philly furs as we gather at the Boo at the Zoo this October!
All are welcome to this event!
We will be gathering at around 11:30 AM in front of the zoo. Once everyone has arrived, we will be heading in to the Philly Zoo at around noon time. The gathering is from 12 noon until 4 pm on October 23rd.

Suiters are welcome!
This event at the zoo is a costume party! So, don’t have a suit? Fear not! Dress up in an appropriete, crowd friendly costume if you choose too. Bring friends, family, and kids! All are welcome to come to the zoo for this fur meet.

When: October 23rd (Saturday) 12-4 pm.
Where?: Philadelphia Zoo
How much?: cost is for general zoo admission! The party inside (treats, tricks and games) are included with admission.
Adult: 18.00
Children: (2-11 yrs) 15.00
Zoo members: FREE
Children under 2, FREE.
**rides are not included in the ticket price**

Bring your own snacks and lunch if you’d like to eat while your there!. Food can be purchased inside also.
If you are planing to go, please RSVP via note with your name, and how many you plan to bring (if you are bringing family/children/friends.)

Hope to see you there!"


**notes can be sent to the philly furs FA page**
pirate, Dante

Fursuit Gig @ Paoli Hospital (Sept. 15th)

Hey folks!

I've been chatting with the Director of Community Health Services at Paoli Hospital and he has shown a lot of interest in having fursuiters at various hospital events.

Although we don't have an official group name yet, the hospital has requested 4 fursuiters to appear at a special event to unveil Paoli's new logo. We'll also need a few handlers as well. The event is still in the planning stages, but I've been told that there will be music and dancing. A changing room and water will also be provided.

Parking is free, plus I'm open to coordinating a carpool from the furry townhouse in Thorndale to save on gas. Here's the info:

What: Fursuit Gig @ Paoli Hospital

Where: 255 West Lancaster Avenue, Paoli, PA 19301

When: Wednesday September 15, 2010 from 11am to 1pm.

I know that a weekday can be difficult for many people, but I hope a small group of critters and handlers will be easy to find through this forum and a few others.

If anyone is interested in suiting or being a handler, please comment or send me a message. More details will be forthcoming when I have more info.

Since I'm also an employee of the hospital, this could lead to a lot of other wonderful volunteer opportunities for local fursuiters. It'll be a nice bonus to have one of the area's largest healthcare systems to support us in spreading some happiness to others. Plus I'm always looking for excuses to fursuit at work. ;)


Adult Swift

[EVENT] NEO Furs Picnic 2010!!

What: NEO Fur's Picnic (North East Ohio Furs)
When: Saturday, July 31, 2010
Where: Ledges Park & Pavilion, Cuyahoga Valley National Park, Virginia Kendall Unit
Time: 11am - ~7pm
Cost: $8 Basic, $15 Sponsor during pre-registration until July 16. $10 Basic at the door.
E-mail Skookum at: skookumhime at gmail dot com to register. Please include "NEO Furs Picnic 2010" in the subject line.

Now in it's third year the NEO Fur's Picnic is a fun, relaxing meet with plenty of outdoor fun, forested trails to wander and caves to explore. http://www.nps.gov/cuva/planyourvisit/upload/Ledges_WEB2009.pdf The pavilion has ample space to gather and socialize, both inside and out, as well as an indoor space to change in and out of fursuit.

Supplies are usually available to make a light lunch at the event and they have typical BBQ Picnic fare of burgers and hot dogs, chips, cold salads and soda offered at ~4pm for dinner.

Some pictures from prior NEO Fur Picnics: http://s153.photobucket.com/albums/s213/CSilvertail/neofurcon/

No go to: Tekkoshocon

I'm sorry to all that went to Tekkoshocon; and didn't see me.
Sadly I could not go; do to family realted issues.  *lowers ears*
I sincerly sorry that I could go.  I was very depressed and saddened that I couldn't go.
Again I'm sorry.
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